ABM Group is wholly committed to the concept of sustainability throughout all aspects of the business through the implementation of environmental, social and economic sustainability ethics within the company.

ABM during the course of all projects aims to maximize sustainable construction whilst minimizing environmental effects. ABM strategically assesses all projects prior to commencement to ascertain the methods through which we can best engage in social growth and environmental protection whilst maintaining the strong economic balance which is necessary for long term growth both for ourselves, our suppliers and our subcontractors.


In accordance with our Integrated Management System Policy, ABM supports industry-led environmental assessment criteria and ensures that legislation and best practice are adhered to in order to minimize our impact both on the environment and on local communities through the implementation of traffic management plans, the encouragement of purchasing locally and “green travel”. We aim to minimize nuisance, such as ecological effects and noise, along with waste of resources while simultaneously exercising strict pollution prevention and control.


ABM appreciates the impact of construction projects on a locality. We liaise continually with those affected by a project such as clients, local community organizations/groups and all relevant professional bodies throughout design stage and construction and through to end users. We continually promote health and safety awareness, training, quality, environmental improvement and non-discrimination as part of our company ethos.


ABM support VFM principles – value for money through the engagement of responsible suppliers and subcontractors and through local procurement of goods and services. We also promote fair employment ethics in order to boost local business and provide business and employment opportunities. ABM assesses the balance between cost and environmental impact on all projects with a view to implementing best practices in relation to both.

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